What Does Auburn Need To Do To Make The NCAA Tournament Next Year?

The Auburn Tigers Men’s Basketball team had a challenging season, to say the least. On top of the Covid-19 related struggles every team had to deal with, Auburn could not seem to catch a break this year. They knew from the beginning that there was not much to play for due to a self-imposed postseason ban related to bribery charges brought against former assistant coach Chuck Person. It also took half of the season for the NCAA to clear star freshman guard Sharife Cooper to play, due to questions about his eligibility. Throw on some injuries and you have a recipe for a frustrating season. The Tigers had a few bright spots this season, such as beating the Missouri Tigers and Tennessee Volunteers, who were ranked 12th and 25th respectively when they played Auburn.

Auburn guard Allen Flanigan (right)

The most encouraging thing for the program going into next season is the recruits they have coming in. Auburn has the highest ranked recruit in program history coming in with Jabari Smith, a forward from Tyrone, GA. The team was also very young this season, so another year of experience will help Auburn going back in the right direction. The Tigers would also have a lot better chance of getting back to the tournament if Sharife Cooper decides not to declare for the NBA draft and play at Auburn for another season.

Jabari Smith (5)

Auburn also needs to hope that the one-year postseason ban was enough punishment in the eyes of the NCAA. If not, the NCAA could impose more punishments, such as reducing Auburn’s scholarships or giving Auburn another postseason ban. The Tigers are definently capable of a comeback season next year, but they need to keep themselves out of trouble. They definently have the talent to compete next season. Hopefully the team will be able to stay healthy and have more to play for next season. War Eagle!

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