After last week’s slate I now sit at W-57 L-49 after a 8-6 week. So we’re getting slightly further ahead back to back +2 game weeks. So lets see how we can do we’d be doing a lot better if it wasn’t for week 2 we’d be killing it. BUUUT here we go. Y’all know the rules at this point always Blazers first and then the regular picks.

Momma that man does it again. I swear! I am a homer (I too went to Hewitt-Trussville) but he keeps doing it. Grayson Cash block another punt, this time against the Golden Eagles. To help the Blazers soar to over Southern Miss 34-0. This week UAB -23.5 takes on fellow American Athletic Conference joinee of 2-4 Rice. I’ve never been a fan of Rice I’d always rather have some potatoes if I’m going to eat some carbs. So give me my Blazers to keep blazing their own trail to meeting a hopefully undefeated UTSA in 4 weeks. The Roadrunners biggest test before the Blazers would be UTEP which is in two weeks for them, who they sit at 6-1 AND they play in their next game Lane’s former lead team FAU who is about to make the American the only other conference with three teams with the same mascot name of Owls. Which the only other is the SEC with three Tigers.

First of all we all have to give a S/O to Coach Stoops for purposely calling that time out to cover the spread. And now to the new week. We’ve got to kick us off our number 2 Cincy -28 against our Seamen. If Cincy wants to get in and what team doesn’t want to get in they now have to start going at this like the ole BCS days and start getting some style points. I think their UCF win last week helps and its time to just keep going. Their biggest hiccup will be against the Pony Express, SMU in 5 weeks. They have to be gunning to keep the number 2 spot and or being there incase Georgia loses to probably most likely Alabama or the winner of the SEC west. To me the other 11 AM games all are a little rat like. So we have Oklahoma -38.5 @ Kansas, Northwestern v Michigan -23.5 and Illinois v Penn State -24.0. The only game that isn’t a rat line is the Wake -3.0 v Army. All the morning lines are big spreads against below average teams but Kansas is always due for A random win and def same with Northwestern. Now they are both new teams now. Oklahoma with Caleb Williams and Michigan just actually looking competent. I still say both Michigan teams will be undefeated going into their match up the night before Halloween. The game that scares me the most would be either be the previously mentioned Wake game or the Purdue #25 v Wisconsin -3.5. For me it’s just idk how good they are. How good is the ACC? Army always plays tough games and can always make a team sweat. And with Purdue are you riding too high after knocking off a record breaking #2 v unranked Purdue to make it I believe 9 now. So I’m going to take Army and Wisconsin. Which they just played last week.

Ok, now to start my 2 minute drill give me everyone say, State+7 (OK State +7), Oregon +1, Pitt -3.5, 0_0 Tennessee to cover?????? I’m 2-1 with guessing Alabama but give me Tennessee to cover I’ll ride that L, San Diego State +3 (because I flipped a coin), USTA-6 to keep riding, Ohio State -21, Notre Dame-7 , Texas A&M-19.5, and NC State -3.5. Hopefully I can just at least keep this trend of going plus +2. Good Luck and be safe this weekend everyone!! oh and as long as Carrol plays give me Ole Miss if not give me LSU and the deal is we won’t know till they play…… but still Ole Miss but Coach O is 12-4 as a interim head coach, which he is now an interim head coach again. so take that as you will like I’m not scheduling this to come out right before game day starts. and I double checked this week.

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