We’re crawling back last week we went from a 4 game gap to a 6 game gap between my wins and loses bring me to sit at 49-W 43-L on the season currently. So now with that being said you should know the drill by now we always got to start with recapping and looking forward to UAB’s game.

Go ahead and engrave it in your memory UAB’s current record for longest TD is a 100 yard pick 6 by the Trussville Native, who had the huge game turning punt block against Jacksonville State, Grayson Cash. Helping cap off a 31-14 Victory over the Owls in the brand spanking new stadium. Probably also a good trivia question. But this week the Blazers take on our biggest rivals Southern Miss in their backyard with us being the 16 point favorite. If you only look at both teams stats on paper we pass better and we run better. Although they’ve got ole Frank Gore Jr. I have nothing to follow that up its just fun to see Gore Jr. Okay that’s a lie S/O to the Huntingdon Alum Austin Armstrong he’ll continue to make some noise but give me the Blazers.

Alright now for this weeks slate we’ve got some juice ones. So the one’s that stick out and matter to ME and then I’ll cover the remaining in my favorite 2 minute drill. The fun always starts right off the bat. UCF v #3 Cincy -21.5, OK State v Texas -3.5, Auburn v Arky -4.5, and the game of the week Kentucky v Georgia -21.5. So to me these are the most fun to dive deep into, now we have some honorable mentions of Florida @ LSU, Iowa v Purdue, Bama @ State, and Oklahoma v TCU. So the reason that the Cincy game sticks out to me is the fact that they are playing UCF whose coach is now Malzahn who specializes in ruining “good things” for teams or knowing how to grab a key win to keep his seat a little cooler. With listening to the twitter verse some fan bases are asking to Malzahn and UCF some are calling for his head already. So I think it’s just in his blood to play the spoil. So give me them BUT only with the points. They keep it way closer than Cincy would like and this game might be the only one left that the committee could use against Cincy to keep them out. But I’ve been beating the drum that Cincy would be the first G5 to get in and I’m still going to ride that. The next game I’m highlighting in order would be the Texas game. They took a brutal L. Everything pointed it seemed that they would come away with it. But that QB change is exactly what Oklahoma needed. Their student section had been chanting it for ~2 weeks? Oklahoma State would be a new set of colors to have in any playoff scenario. But that’s getting way too crazy its not full blown 07 yet. But Ok State’s D is legit and Vegas is giving us +3.5. Give me Ok State I called a couple of weeks back the winner of the Ok State v Baylor game would be half of the Big 12 Champ and I think this is a year that we’re going to get double Ok v Ok State games. If you follow me on Twitter @aDamSwindal you would already know my thoughts on the Auburn game. I think Auburn takes it. I know the transitive property kills you in football but Auburn at least put some numbers on the board against the future champs when Arky didn’t. Although we know they’re coming for blood due to last year. But still give me Auburn. As fans I think you see why they made the choice to get Harsin with another road win. Now to the game of the week, UK and UGA-21.5. Straight up because I don’t like to read. idk who wants to read everything I have to say. I think Kentucky covers. They have a better O-line than any other team that UGA has faced. Or maybe I should say healthiest. Because Arky was so hurt rolling into UGA. But Kentucky and Stoops have been building, inch by inch. There’s reasons Stoops has been compared to the Bear from his time at UK. They at least cover in a wild fever dream they get a dub but we’re smartish*.

Quick S/O to Jimbo for earning his massive extension but now to our 2 minute drill. Florida has to cover again -12 with all of the LSU boys going down with “injury” Iowa -11.5, Baylor -5, Mike Leach and a cover +17 against Bama 0_0, Give me a TCU cover of 13.5 because I don’t believe in Oklahoma but the new QB is starting so if they come out and look like usual Oklahoma that we thought we’d see all year. NCST -3, and give me Eli -2.5 to beat Peyton.

p.s I was going to get cute and put the Cash to separate everything but ya boi got a tad lazy thus not even adding the thursday night and friday night slate. Although you could have given me the Orange on covering cuz i thought they were just going to out right beat them. Also just give me Oregon cuz its Pac12 after dark and this is getting done right at 9:50. (also give me State over Jose)

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