At least you can call me consistent because I’m back off to a tough go with 11 victories and 12 loses bring my total for the year at W-39 L-35. So I’m still in the positive *knocks on wood* But let’s see how I can do this week.

As always we’ve got to start with our Blazers. Got to get to it like ripping off a band-aid and it wasn’t a great go. The stadium is absolutely spectacular though despite all the rain. And I hate that I spoke this into existence, because I turned to a friend and said, “you know they lost their last game in the old stadium so that means they’re going to lose this one.” So I’m sorry everyone that’s on me. It was also a close game until I wasn’t sitting in my seat. Which I wasn’t in my seat the entire 3rd Quarter. Which they outscored us 21 to 0 in the 3rd. To me the momentum changed twice, when we had that crazy play get called back. The next was when we missed the field goal going into half-time. But its a new week and we welcome in the Owls of FAU. UAB is favored by 4.5 and we always ride with our Blazers.

To start the rest of the weeks slate we have the best team in the state of South Carolina playing on Thursday night with the Coastal Carolina -20.0 v Arkansas State and two games on Friday: Cincy -29.0 v Temple continuing their run and Arizona State -13.0 v Stanford. Give me the Chanticleers to keep rolling. They have only not covered in one game so far this season. With Temple only covering 2 spreads this season. I think that pattern will continue. On to Friday the biggest thing about Cincy is now they are completely in the drivers seat. It is up to them to slip up and lose. Otherwise they can pretty much probably walk into that number 4 spot to have the most likely rematch with Georgia from their bowl game last year. Or enjoy taking on Goliath, Alabama. They need to keep beating everyone handily as well. They have shown they can hang with the big dogs, let’s see if the committee will think so as well. The other Friday night game is the always lovely Pac-12 after dark staring Arizona State whose only lose is to BYU one of 4 teams this season not to trail at all at any point in this season, The other 3 are the big dogs of previously mentioned teams of Georgia and Bama but sneaky Michigan, so maybe we need to keep an eye out for Michigan and BYU. Arizona State is 2-3 against the spread with their Opponent who can always play the spoiler, Stanford who is 3-2 against the spread. So give me Stanford with all that data I just threw at you. They are riding high after most likely spoiling the Pac-12 play off chances in beating Oregon. This would be a good let down spot so I think they’ll lose (being their let down spot) but cover.

Now to move into Road Warrior week. Shout Out to the Jboy show for the weekend name and he’s exactly right. We start the morning off we have Oklahoma -3.0 going on the road to Texas, Michigan State -5.5 on the road against Rutgers, Georgia -15.5 going into Jordan-Hare, Penn State going to Iowa -1.5 for a nice rematch from their walk off win with Saquon LSU going to Kentucky -3.5. Arky going to Ole Miss -5.5 with both of the looking for a bounce back game after being brought back to reality by the clear number 1 and 2s. Wake Forest -6.0 going to Syracuse, Michigan -3.5 going to Nebraska, SMU -13.5 going to Navy, Notre Dame at a pickem with Virginia Tech, and I guess if you can call it a test Bama -18.0 going to Texas A&M. The only ranked teams defending Home are San Diego State -19.5 fending off New Mexico, BYU -5.5 against Boise State, Florida -39.0 against Vandy, and lastly Ohio State -21.0 v Maryland.

Every week I just lick my lips at the match ups because it’s nothing short of beauty. You just have to love rivalries played earlier in the year. Always starting with Iowa but Texas and Oklahoma are always here to string us along with the good ole fashioned pure rivalry early on too. Texas has shown they’ve been able to do it in the past too. Back when they didn’t have the Coach. Now they really got themselves a Coach. One who after that embarrassment by the hands of Arky made the QB swap and they’ve been playing a lot better. Oklahoma has been nothing but shaky and this being their first true test test and it being at Texas. Give me Texas baby! Also in the same hour we have the Ohio State v Maryland, Michigan State v Rutgers, Arky v Ole Miss and if you want to call it a game Florida v Vandy. Folks were riding high on Maryland when they were set to play Iowa. I remember reading how many folks who thought they’d upset Iowa but now give them no shot because they play what The Ohio State? 4-1 is still respectable and they have a quality win against West Virginia and sit 3-2 against the spread. While playing Ohio State who is 2-2-1 that’s one wash. 21 points is a ton points to cover. But they did just butcher a budding Rutgers. I’m going to rock with Maryland and the points. Iowa’s D is legit this year and say what you want about turn over luck but its hard to have 6 turn overs in a game. I don’t see little Tua doing that again he was having to force them because they lost their WR 1. With a week to practice and get a better rhythm with the other guys I think they can cover. And Speaking bout Rutgers I think they’re getting there and no longer the worse team in college football. (They never were the worst cuz we have the likes of UConn and UMass.) But this isn’t their year. This year is gearing us up to a Michigan and Michigan State undefeated match up with Michigan probably breaking their fans hearts like they do so well which would be in 3 weeks. So give me Michigan State -5.5. I touched on this in the last paragraph but we got the bounce back between Arkansas and Ole Miss to see who we can still consider legit and who we can maybe start to slide down the scale. With that being said I’ll take Arky to bounce back. I think that Ole Miss D is still a season or two off from being able to help Lane and that Train to keep chugging. To Florida if you don’t cover Vandy we should give them the victory.

Now to go into the afternoon slate, this is where my two teams play this week and they both have probably the juiciest of the week beside the Texas game. Auburn welcomes in the soon to be no longer get to tell them 1980, Georgia Bulldogs. I would call this game a win if Auburn can score. Which this has to be the whole reason you bring in Mike Bobo. The Former O coordinator for the Bulldogs. Vegas is giving us 15.5 which it started the week out at 14.5. Vegas knows all they always know. So is it that they know Jordan-Hare has some voodoo of it’s own? Because they gave Arky 18.5 and we all thought that was too much then too. But here we are and you could very easily say Arky is better than Auburn but giving us less points? I don’t want to touch it. This has a trap written all around it. So you gotta go with the future National Champs. Now with Iowa and Penn State. I think this Iowa team is better than the one that lost on the final play against Michigan State which would have sent them to the playoffs to take on Bama. I think that the Penn State team now even though they are good. I don’t think they’ll be able to pull it off this year against Iowa.

Now rapid fire 2 minute drill. Give me Kentucky, BYU, Wake, SMU, give me that undefeated match up against Michigan and Michigan State, Bama, San Diego State, and in the only pick em of the week as much as I want to take Virginia Tech because I always think Notre Dame is always over rated. But I’d love to see the committee try and squeeze another team in over an Undefeated Cincy and the only way they could do that is if Notre Dame takes a huge dive. So for the sake of Cincy I’m going to ride with Notre Dame. Because I keep saying it to me this is the closest it’s felt to 2007 college football wise.

If you have a chance to go to the UAB game please go and check out the new stadium. Its an absolute beauty and someone’s got to be there to watch them win their first game. and sorry Mr. Owl its probably going to come at your cost. Also don’t forget we have a soccer team that’s in the playoffs so maybe go check out the Legion. And enjoy my pic that I took from my seat at the last game. (The Featured Image)

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