I really enjoy writing and picking but I really hate being a mush. Any time I get too big for my britches I get humbled quick. Thus even the question of Bo or T.J. but you always know I got to start out with the Blazers; but folks it doesn’t matter who you listen to you should know it’s Separation Saturday. Speaking of separation I have some what redeemed myself from sitting at 15 to 14, now at W-28 L-23.

This weekend is big for UAB and I shouldn’t even have to say why or get anyone pumped. And if you haven’t gotten a ticket or thought about getting a ticket you belong at Caraway. Opening the brand spanking new Protective Stadium (I totally thought that they were going to put the UAB Blazer in between the name not their logo but nobody asked me {see below}) against one of the best commercial jingles Liberty. The Oranges Froze the Flames last week with Freeze trying to avoid being melted this week. Shout Out to UAB we have not only came back from the dead but we’re flying so high. Sitting at 3-1 with our only Lose coming from the best team in the country and we should all stop immediately with the 1980 jokes. We went toe to toe with a team that took it to the fraud Sooners. New Stadium new steak that’s the goal. This game sits pretty much as a pick em with UAB -2. So y’all better help me make that come true. Cuz its all about homefield advantage.

S/O Bham Now

This week is Separation Saturday all around we’re going to start to see the cream of the crop. But starting with Thursday’s Miami -5.5 v Virginia. Simply because I believe Miami is like that time Florida State played Alabama and they haven’t been right since So Give me Virginia. Friday we have a match of unbeatens Iowa -3 v Maryland. We’re about to see if Iowa is real they’ve looked strong at times but then letting Colorado State hang around. I’m going to chalk it up to them looking ahead to this match up very much so like Auburn and hell even BYU. Give me both Iowa and BYU on the Friday night slots to cover. (BYU -8.5 v Utah State)

Saturday we’ve got some real fun ones Arky v Georgia -18.5, Bama -14.5 v Ole Miss, Cincy -2 v Notre Dame. But let’s dive into my new favorite game cover or not cover…… or upset which I’ll put last. As much as I love Arky the states always treated me well its beautiful and they’ve been winning. And they’re going to cover v Georgia too. Oregon-8 v Stanford usually this is one of the games that they trip up in but this year is different. Penn State -12.5 v Indiana. I don’t think Penn State is that good still so no cover but still a win. Oklahoma -10.5 v K State. They always struggle with K State and K State has had their number. It will be close with an Oklahoma win. It’s not their time to disappoint their fans.

My Personally Favorite game rather rather on the down low of this weekend its why I had to start a new paragraph so it stands out. Cincy v Notre Dame. If Cincy can win this game which they very well can because Notre Dame is always ranked too high much like Texases of the past and current Miami. They’ve been squeaking by FSU, Toledo, kinda Purdue until last week. If Cincy wins and wins out you have to give them a shot to take on the biggest and badest. Which is what everyone has been calling for. Give it to me because it fulfills my 07 vibes. I don’t beg or plead but this got me close.

Looking at the rest of the slate there’s only three games where I think the favorite is going to win and cover: Wake -6.5, Texas A&M -7, Michigan State -10.5 , and Fresno State -10.5. The reason I say three and list four is because A&M and State is just like when you were taking a test in school and had too many of the same answer right in a row so you had to go back and change a few of the answers. Because no way were they all *insert your favorite go to choice* So they only count for half. Michigan +1.5 v Wisconsin give me Michigan they’re a little different this year much like Oklahoma this isn’t their let down….yet. Costal is just -34.5 against Monroe but the whole a kid in the hospital after being I’m pretty sure rushed. Monroe just covers. Rutgers played that a little diff Michigan we’re just talking about so +15 against Ohio State I’ll take it. Because its all written over the wall what the let down for ichigan is possibly too from ichigan State. Any who the last to cover and win is NC State -20.5 because C-USA always has some bite so put some respected on LA Tech.

Now to the real bread and honey butter the under dawgs that are going to cover and 0_0 maybe catch a dub. Let me just rapid fire because it’s a take I’ve believed in since the beginning of the season. Let me say that all of these won’t happen because I’m typing them*. I think Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin is going to be the first assistant to slay the dragon. It’s the only way to truly reach 07 and the air just smells right. That’s why Kentucky +8.5 is going to beat Florida. Baylor +3.5 is going to beat Ok State. Boston College is going to beat Clemson. Arizona State is going to beat UCLA.

To touch the last full complete its 07 fever dream Auburn I don’t think it matter who plays between Bo or T.J. I’d even take Dee Davis because no way you just let a kid who is easily compared to the closest man we’ve seen since Vick, Kyler Murray. It’s all much like how we need to quite down with the 1980 talk. Arky just broke a long curse too. But hey I know nothing. It’s the only philosophy to have. So since everybody has to have an opinion it would be a Bo lead offense if you’re asking me and if you need a spark heck throw either one of the previous mentioned gentlemen. Just bring home a W. Like Ted Lasso it’s the hope that keeps us going, and I’m already ready because we all know that really some how Bama is going to win it all and Vandy should be relegated.

In the mean time Go Blazers! And Check out this phenomenal prank from Baylor.

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