In the land of college football we all hope for a 2007 to repeat. Florida helped us flirt with that idea but its hard to take down giant. You’re going to get everyone’s best shot. Last week kicked my butt so lets see if we can get back on track. I sit at W-15 L-14.

As always we have to start with our Blazers. UAB had a very convincing win over the mean Green. Getting back on the right foot. This week the Blazers take on Tulane with Tulane -3. If you haven’t been to New Orleans its always rowdy because they know how to do it right so it will be an always tough environment. Tulane’s got some grit to them as you all should have watched in week 1 against Oklahoma. Who are definite frauds. I think this will be the game to define the season for us along with the Home open against Liberty Liberty Liberty. But give me the Blazers to keep building for this season.

I’m going to swap it up this week and start off with the teams I think that are going to cover out of the top 25. Alabama -45, Georgia-35, Oregon-29, Iowa-23.5, Ohio State-48.5, Auburn-27, Costal-36, Florida-19, Michigan State-4.5, and BYU-23.5

Now for the ones I think will win but not cover. That starts with Penn State-30, Clemson -10, Michigan -20.5, Ok State -5.5, and North Carolina -13.5.

Finally my upsets for the week I would have Oklahoma -17 against West Virginia Oklahoma has just looked too sloppy and they’re bound to drop one eventually. And even though West Virginia did everything they could to try and let Virginia Tech win. I think West could do it if not it will be the winner of the Iowa State v Baylor and possibly also the winner of K State v Ok State; Wisconsin -6.5 v Notre Dame I’m only picking this game as an upset in hopes that we can get a miracle Cincy run; Texas A&M -5.0 v Arky, I’m riding high on Arkansas even though they had some major injuries on the O-line. Sam Pittman is paranoid constantly about the same exact scenarios as any Jboy fan would have learned. So I’m going to stick with Arkansas to be able to grind it out. Iowa State -7 v Baylor, I’m on the Baylor bus only because there has to be two reasons to why LSU won the Natty in 19 and this head coach is one of them. UCLA -4 v Stanford I only call this one because I feel like I should pick UCLA and that’s what Vegas wants you to do. So sometimes you gotta zig when everyone zags.

So another weekend to get a little rowdy and enjoy some football. As always be safe. ps speaking of games this week has anyone watched Squid Game? I just finished binge watching that. And let’s keep hoping for 2007

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