Is Week 3 the Week that Matters the Most?

Through 2 weeks I am sitting with 11 Ws and 7Ls. I can clean it up a bit although I did warn against UCLA and told you my dear beloved reader that I was selfishly picking Wisconsin to win in hopes that Penn State would win to set us up for this wonderful slate this weekend. Making week 3 count. Now I know that we’re all football people here and we all know that the only week that matters is the week we’re on. But I mean how could you not drool over these.

Since we’re a Birmingham Sports Blog its a given that I got to start with our Blazers. Last week I hate to say that I called it. I think Coach Clark has a clause in his contract with all the big schools he plays that we will roll over for extra money. But I reckon give Georgia some credit they are indeed ranked #2 for a reason. Non the less this is a new week and an opponent that matters, Ole Mean Green and not the house hold cleaner. North Texas is always a competitor in the West Division and a true test to see truly how good we are this year. If you want to just talk resumes already, we all know UAB’s took a slight raise anyway because JSU took down FSU and an quality of all loses you can take to Georgia. Compared to North Texas’ win vs insert generic FCS school from the NCAA series; with their respectable lose to SMU who has been flirting with the top of the American Conference. I see UAB bouncing back and getting conference play started off right. Because Coach Clark knows what exactly he’s doing. Give me UAB -13 But just take a second and admire the fit from last week. Call us the Oregon from the South.

Okay now to the real fun fun. Get the best out of my way Bama and what ever the spread is (-14.5 rn) Georgia has South Carolina with Georgia favored by 32.5. That’s a ton to cover but I think this Dawgs team is different so give me Georgia. I’m suppose to be excited for #3 Oklahoma vs Nebraska (-22.5) But Nebraska has shown me absolutely nothing to tell me they could pull the upset so give me Oklahoma. To save us all from the boredom of the non exciting slate just assume all the favorites win and cover that I’m not about to talk about.

The most exciting game to start our morning is this lovely Cincy vs Indiana with Cincy -3.5. For the sake of all things interesting in college football and we all pray every year is just as crazy as 07. I’m going to stick with Cincy and honestly Notre Dame just because of their match up next week. Although Notre Dame has to get through Purdue this week and the way they’ve been playing don’t be shocked if Notre Dame ruins this fun little narrative everyone is drumming up. There’s no other way to wake up and have a great morning slate and to go along with our Cincy game at the same time we have West Virginia vs Virginia Tech, Michigan State vs Miami, and Costal if you want to count them. No hate towards Costal but they gonna win and it aint gonna be close. Now the games that will be close(one close one upset). Bofa Deez between West and Tech and Michigan State and Miami. I believe that the Tech game will be the close one, with Virginia Tech winning and I believe Michigan State will beat Miami. I think its a case between the curse of playing Bama first with the winning a super close one last week. That physical running beats you up and Miami is about to continue to be the punching bag. Michigan State with the upset.

Now for the night games and I’ll save my favorite for last but these are all let’s see what you’re really made of games. We’ve got UNC vs Virginia (UNC -8), Tulane vs Ole Miss (Ole Miss -14), Arizona State vs BYU (ASU -3.5), Fresno State vs UCLA (UCLA -11), and last and most important Auburn vs Penn State (Penn State -5) To me these are all games that you can speak about in the same general terms. UNC, Tulane, and Fresno are all still very solid teams with all* great looking tough loses. Who are all going to put up solid fights and not just be a give me no Vandy’s here. Auburn, Arizona State, BYU, UCLA, and Virginia all have their true first tests with Ole Miss*. [Ole Miss has the * because their jury is still out because how justified is the Louisville victory just because they won a game off of a fluke against UCF so yes throw them in my generalization.] They all play their biggest game to further shape their playoff dreams.

I think the UNC game will be close because that’s how Virginia games go with larger opponents but UNC will win. Virginia +11 as I further this I would just call these games give me the other team and the spread. Because I foresee the Tulane and Ole Miss game being closer than anyone would hope (Cuz I’m riding with Kiffin being the first assistant to beat the main Boss.) But they’re going to win just like Oklahoma did even if its ugly. The two that make me the most nervous touching would be the BYU +3.5 and Fresno State +11. First BYU because they just haven’t played anybody and yeah yeah they played their rival and won for the firs time in like 6 years yada yada. Utah just looked way sloppier so these are both these teams first games to see if they’re worth anything. Because ASU has done the same thing Auburn has and just Whopped both very inferior teams they have played. I don’t really like 11 for Fresno but I loved the 19 against Oregon but they covered and were with in 7 so 11 I guess isn’t as ugly as it sounds but the way UCLA just handled LSU. But LSU is looking very very fraudulent. But continuing to just dominate your opponent off the ball and run like they have been able to start the season. The biggest toss up to me.

Last and most certainly not least we have the Penn State Whiteout game. The game of the week. College Gameday. If you’re an Auburn fan or just a smart fan with good taste you’ve had this one circled. Auburn the SEC traveling to a true road game no neutral site game to their own backyard. Penn State Whiteout suppose to be loudest can’t match the environment all because the fans all wear one color. Like Auburn doesn’t play Alabama, Georgia, or LSU, or Texas A&M. I don’t think the noise will be a factor. Auburn isn’t Michigan. It’s going to come down to the line play and then the play of the QBs. and I’m sorry Wisconsin ran all over Penn State and I know Wisconsin has a better line. But Tank is the Truth and Jarquez Hunter is not to shabby himself. And Bo is a better QB than Graham Mertz. Auburn’s defense hasn’t been the question mark and I have nothing but faith in a Coach Derek Mason lead Defense. But I’m flying with Auburn.

Lets have a great week~~~~~

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