69-W- 54-L From the last week I was active I went 10-W 8-L to bring me to 79-W with 62-L on the season. Now I’ve taken 3 weeks off ( To be honest I’ve just been very lackadaisical.) In my 3 week break my teams have gone 2-4. UAB lost a nail biter to USTA last week and Auburn has blown two leads in the last two weeks but they’ve had a little help from the zebras. But my teams haven’t played the best since I’ve taken a break is it my fault? We all know how juju goes so the first test will be on Friday when UAB takes on UTEP to see who can take the pride in coming second place in the C-USA. Vegas has the Blazers -13.5 and you know I gotta ride with my Blazers and help get into the W category of playing at home at the new stadium. But lets just start at the Thursday games to Friday and then to the Saturday Slate all from the top 25.

By the way Happy Turkey Day I hope you like some eggs cuz we have the egg bowl to start off our Thanksgiving weekend games with Mississippi State -2 with the O/U at 64. So give me the Lane Train and the over baby! On to Friday to start the morning off we have Boise State -2.5 O/U 44.5 against San Diego State. Give me SDS +2.5 and the Over. Following that we have Iowa v Nebraska-1 O/U 41. As much as I’d love for the Hawkeyes to win they are just too predictable on offense and Scott Frost isn’t that terrible of a coach. So give me Nebraska +1 and the Under. Next we have Cincy-14 v ECU O/U 57 The biggest question here is what Cincy are we going to see are we getting last weeks version that actually looks like a top 4 team or the team that can barely beat Navy or Tulsa. Due to that I’d rather not touch Cincy because word on the street is that ECU has only lost one home game and it was to South Carolina. So give me ECU +14 and the Under. During this game we have the Mizzou v Arky – 14.5 O/U 62.5 Here I got to take Arky -14.5 and the Under. The last two games for Friday we have Colorado v Utah -23.5 O/U 52 Colorado was able to cover that against Oregon so I’m going to use the transitive property even though it never works and the Over. And to finish the night off we have UNC -6 v NC State O/U 62.5 I just have this funny feeling like I have to take NC State +6 and the Under.

Saturday we start off with Georgia-35 O/U 54.5 kicking Tech for a nice warm up in-between meeting Alabama in the SEC Championship Give me both UGA and the Over. While that smack down is going on we have the only other rivalry that even comes close to touching the Iron Bowl. Michigan v Ohio State -8.0 O/U 64.5 And Give me Michigan this is the closest it has been from them in as long as I can remember. I expect points so Michigan and the over. and to get me to the Iron Bowl quicker a quick little 2 minute drill. Baylor -14 O/U 52 O, Wake -5 O/U 64.5 Over, Houston -32.5 O/U 55.5 and Over, UTSA -10.5 O/U 59.5 O.

Now we sit at the Iron Bowl Alabama -19.5 O/U56. This game will really let us know what kind of Auburn Team we have. I’m going to take Auburn to cover 19.5 and I’m going to take the over. I’d love to see if the game isn’t going Auburn’s way (which we should have zero hope it does) but to play some of these red shirt that we’ve been sitting on and let them get some true true game experience and see what they’re about. Now let’s finish the 2 minute drill in the Civil War Oregon State +7 with the O 60.5, PSU -1.5 O 52, Wis-7 O 39, Texas A&M -6.5 O 46, OK State-4.0 U 49.5, Pitt-13 u 58, USC (gamecocks) +11.5 U 43, ND -19.5 U 52.5, and last but not least BYU -7.0 O 64.

May conference championships bring us the best chaos around and we have a lovely fun final four playoffs. and may college basketball bring us the joy we deserve. And the refs collectively all get better at their job at every level in every sport.

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