High Ticket Prices For The World Games 2022 Birmingham Discourage Local Fans

At the time this article is written, we are just 207 days away from the Opening Ceremony of the World Games and tickets are an egregious $45.80 each. And thats not even the ceremony that features Alabama, Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard and 2005 American Idol Winner Snub Bo Bice. For that ceremony you have to pay $33.75. Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee and Karate are $26.30 per ticket and Flag Football comes in at $31.40. Yet, just down the road the Birmingham Squadron had a deal where you could get a quarter zip and a ticket to yesterday’s basketball game for just $28.38. Jared Harper and John Petty Jr are averaging a combined 29.3 average points per game, 9.5 rebounds and are leading the team on a two game winning streak. Despite the undersized jumbotron at the newly renovated BJCC Legacy Arena, the Squadron games are worth the $28.38. 

(Jared Harper, averaging 21.9 points per game via alabamanewscenter.com)

When it comes to the World Games tickets, the average consensus among locals seems to be that tickets should be $15-20 each after tax (minus Sumo wrestling maybe) and more ticket packages should be provided. A suggestion made online called for a “5 for $100” Choose Your Own Package that includes five tickets to events of your choosing and a ticket to either the Opening or Closing Ceremony. What it comes down to is every event in the World Games needs to be more affordable for Birminghamians. $45.80 and $33.75 for the Opening and Closing Ceremony are asking too much. Hard to justify paying more than $25 for a Lacrosse game when professional basketball is right down the road for just a few dollars more.

Fans are patiently waiting for The World Games CEO Nick Sellers to drop ticket prices and create ticket packages to boost World Games attendance and pack Protective Stadium for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  

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