Empty Seats at Birmingham Squadron Games: $36.17 Ticket Price Potential Factor

Remember when you could purchase a physical ticket or walk up to the ticket booth with a $10 bill and see a minor league game? Well those days are over. If you want to see Birmingham’s new professional basketball team be ready to shell out $25 plus $11.17 in taxes and fees. How does that compare with the six other teams in the Squadron’s Division? Let’s take a look.

G-League South Division

$36.17 Birmingham Squadron

$22.90 Austin Spurs

$22.90 Texas Legends

$21.82 Memphis Hustle

$20.25 Greensboro Swarm

$19.78 Rio Grande Valley Vipers

$11.85 Lakeland Magic

Photo courtesy of @ArthurFisherJr via Twitter.com

Birmingham’s tickets are $13.27 more expensive than the second highest ticket price and $24.32 higher than the cheapest ticket in the division. Hopefully the extra $13.27 is going towards replacing the tiny jumbotron that currently hangs in the Legacy Arena. If you lower ticket prices, Birminghamians would be able to afford multiple games a year and spend more money on concessions and Squadron merchandise. The Squadron Front Office will need to address these issues if they want a consistent crowd at Legacy Arena.

Link to tickets for Tonight’s 7:00 PM CST Tip-Off at Legacy Arena → https://bit.ly/3DPCAEg

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