We’re talking bout college football. Welcome back guys, gals, and everyone in-between! Now yes I know we technically speaking we had week zero to watch last week. But that’s like the appetizer for college football just enough to ease us into this wonderful slate we have this weekend. And now every true addict knows that it started on Wednesday night with our beloved UAB Blazers took on JSU Gamecocks and will end on Monday with Ole Miss v Louisville. If you didn’t catch the game or lived under a rock, the game started out a tad rocky and took a minute to get back into the rhythm of things. But the entire game shifted when one of Trussville’s own, Grayson Cash, Blocked a punt with 2:37 left in the second. That lead to a field goal to go up 10-0 and the Blazers didn’t look back after that going on to win 31-0. carrying us to the Thursday games

Last night we had the two that mattered the most Minnesota v Ohio State and UCF v Boise State. Shout out to the Big 10 for giving us meaningful football to watch not only in the Minnesota Ohio State, the week 0 Nebraska v Illinois, AANDDDD this weekend we’ve got Iowa v Indiana PLUUUSSS Penn State v Wisconsin. I digress Minnesota showed that there here to stay and play meaningful tough football. Their main back Mohamed Ibrahim did go down late in the third and did not return. But they held Ohio State to the spread of 14. I dare say that if he stayed healthy the result would have at least favored a Minnesota cover. Ohio State showed they have the offense as always to put up points but that Defense was quite sus tho. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see this year Ohio State drop one of their notorious games to a team everyone is like THEM???? The other important game of the night was UCF and Boise. *in a stereotypical commenter voice* Did you know former Boise State Coach Bryan Harsin is now the coach at Auburn where Gus Malzahn was at. Gus’s first game at UCF started off as rocky as you could get. Getting boo’d by the second quarter being down 21. I totally thought it was completely over cuz you had to factor in the recent death of Boise State live mascot T fetcher bestest boy. I had Boise all day (which they did cover) so in the great words of Big Cat, “Good teams win Great teams cover.” This is the best game thus far for the weekend but baby its a marathon not a sprint.

The remainder of the weekend: Highlight of tonight, Friday the 3rd, UNC v Virginia Tech. You’ve got the Mac Brown coached UNC lead by Sam Howell heading into Enter Sandman land at one of the best kick off times of 6ET. The line is at UNC -5.5. I believe it will be a closer one than the general public thinks but I’ll still take UNC to cover. Now to the Holy Grail the true opening weekend of what feels like the most anticipated college football season in awhile. Saturday we’ve got starting us off at 11 in the morning Penn State v Wisconsin with Wisconsin -5.5 followed by 2:30 Indiana v Iowa with Iowa -4, at the same time of Alabama v Miami with Alabama -19.5, while you’ve got Cincinnati taking on the other Miami from OH-IO with Cincy at -22.5, so when those games become stale for you of the 3:30 kickoffs of probably the biggest upset alert of Louisiana v Texas with Texas -9 with the other big sleeper of an upset San Jose State v USC with USC -14. Which brings us to the night time slate of the Juggernaut’s of Georgia v Clemson kicking off at 6:30 with the line at Clemson now -3 and our Pac-12 extra football bonus football of UCLA v LSU at 7:30 with LSU -2.5.

I mean where do we start…… I reckon I’ll start with my most selfish game I’m paying attention to the Penn State v Wisconsin cuz I won’t hide my bias I’m an Auburn Fan so I’m already looking to week 3 of Auburn @ Penn State of when Auburn plays their first meaningful football. So I want Penn State to win so just because that’s what I want to happen means they’ll lose. So imma take Wisc. I’m also an Iowa fan (I’ll back all my fandoms that may seem random so come at me!) I know Indiana is building something special but I think it too early for them still and Ill give my Hawkeyes the nod. The trickiest game to me is the don’t over think ems of Bama and Cincy when the spreads get huge I always get a little gun shy but you gotta take them both to still cover. Cuz until Bama goes through the Bradyless Patriots which they even look like they’ll be closer to what you expect. You gotta go with the GOATS. So give me Bama and if Cincy didn’t impress you in their match v Georgia last year you crazy. Cincy truly has the best opportunity as a G5 to actually make the playoffs. The scenario exists so we got to root for that story line. So we also have to *throws up in mouth a bit* root for Notre Dame to handle what everyone thinks is a still dead Florida State. But the first game since the death of one of the greatest to do it where they’re honoring him. Catch that lovely on Sunday. Back to the Saturday slate I truly think Louisiana is just going to straight up beat Texas. They beat an Iowa State squad last year first game of the season which that’s a team that was picking up steam which folks are so high on this year. Give me San Jose State to Cover too. With Clemson and Georgia if you didn’t know this was opening weekend you could easily tell me this is a 1v4 or 2v3 playoff game. But give me JT Daniels and the Dawgs. The Pac-12 team that I believe we all need to keep our eyes on is UCLA. Maybe that’s just cuz they ran all over Hawaii but its Chip Kelly finally rounding out getting a group of his players and his system. Say what you want bout his NFL bout but that man can also coach as anyone who has watched a bit of college ball. So I wouldn’t be shocked if UCLA wins against LSU. But I got to stick with the SEC.

Every Pick I gave I’m going against the spread got them all from ESPN they always scheduled to change. But man its nice to have the best sport back to clickity clack the keyboard and yelling out into the void. Cheers drink you a cold one and just enjoy yall be hearing from me some more.

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