The Birmingham G-League Name Reveal Less Than 18 Hours Away

Why is it that cities such as Oklahoma City, Memphis and Detroit all have NBA teams yet boast half the population of Birmingham’s Metro area?

Fact: Birmingham has been a top market for ESPN for the past 12 years.

We love our sports. That is why it is long overdue for the NBA to come to the Magic City. The G-League is a promising start. Professional basketball in Birmingham will be a giant success and it is time to make our final name predictions.

  1. The Birmingham Blues

The Birmingham Blues name could also stem from the fact that several members of the Temptations (Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin and Eddie Kendricks) are from Alabama. Erskine Hawkins, who co-wrote the hit jazz standard “Tuxedo Junction,” was a Birmingham native once hailed as the “20th Century Gabriel.” While other southern cities may be top of mind for their jazz roots, Birmingham artists have proven time and time again to be paragons of musical genius, making a strong case for The Birmingham Blues.

2. The 205

Remember when Ruben Studdard put Birmingham back on the map by captivating Americans’ hearts in the 2nd season of American Idol? Ruben brought a lot of positive attention to Birmingham when not a lot of good was going on. Just a few years prior, The Birmingham Bulls moved to Atlantic City after nine seasons in the ECHL, The Birmingham Bolts’ season collapsed as the XFL shut down, UAB had just come off a 5-7 season under Watson Brown, whose biggest accomplishment is being the older brother of Mack Brown, and The Barons were still out in Hoover winning a little over half their games. At a time when not many were flocking to the 205, Studdard gave Americans a reason to change their minds about the Magic City.

Ruben Studdard wearing his iconic “205” shirt

3. The Birmingham Squad

Following the pattern of the Wisconsin Herd and the Greensboro Swarm, the Birmingham Squad is a solid option for Birminghams newest professional sports team.

What do YOU want the name to be?

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