Will we ever go back to full cap at stadiums and arenas.

The question has been asked a lot lately, will there ever be full capacity in sports stadiums and arenas again? Right now I don’t see it happening, but we honestly don’t know what’s to come. The saying we don’t know what the future holds, rings so true right now. The super bowl, the national championship in football and the NBA finals were fun to watch, but it really didn’t have that same feel to it. March madness won’t either, with less fans or none at all it will be hard to match the intensity that comes when you have a full jammed packed arena.

I for one miss the crazy fans that are all painted up and going absolutely crazy. Jumping all over the place and high fives everywhere when a big play is made. Now we see a bunch of cardboard cutouts or advertisements all over. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the leagues have done really well with it, giving the circumstances. But you can’t lie, we all miss the sheer excitement in a big game. That moment you are at a game and your team just scored and you start giving high fives all over and even hugging complete strangers. We haven’t experienced that in awhile now. But let’s stay hopefully that sooner rather than later we will have that again.

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