Will there be any CFB this year??

Covid-19 has been impacting a lot of things, it’s altered our lives, every part of it. We all are trying to get used to all of it and adjust. We are all trying to be safe and cautious and figure out a way we can move on with life with all of this going on. This now may mean we may have to adjust to having no college football this year, and that may take some time getting used to, especially here in the state of Alabama. People from all over know how big football is not just here in this state but in the south. So what would be the impact of having no CFB this year?

Talking with people about it from our state, I hear it would be just sad, a shock and have an affect on a lot of things and people in these states that thrive on CFB. Jobs have already been affected by all of this, and with no CFB that would hurt even more jobs. The biggest thing though, is the players, yes the main thing is to keep everyone safe, but most of these players live and breath for football. Some have dreams of going to the NFL and with no season those dreams may be even harder to obtain. So when football rolls around every year and you start planning going to games, having get togethers on a beautiful fall Saturday with family and friends, or just watching football on your couch all day and relaxing after a long work week, well those things may not get to happen in 2020. The Big-10 and Pac-12 are the 2 power-5 conferences that have already cancelled the 2020 fall season, as well as some of the smaller conferences. So right now there is still some hope that we could get some form of CFB this year, but things are changing daily, even hourly. So will we get to see Nick Saban on the sideline yelling at the refs and then going off on the media this year? Right now no one knows, so its a wait and see kind of thing.

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