How does having sports back make us feel normal again?

Lets go back to March, we all remember the shutdown. Work stopped, church stopped, going out to eat stopped, going shopping stopped, going to even see family stopped for a bit, sports stopped, everything kinda just stopped. Then we all had to adjust to all of that, and it seemed to happen so rapidly. But here we are in August and things are slowly coming back, and we are all hoping everyone stays safe through yet another adjustment period. Sports are almost all back, we are still waiting on the CFB and the NFL seasons to start. But this weekend I went to a local high school football game, yes Friday night lights is back! What I witnessed was people just so ready for football to be back, the fans were screaming so loud for their teams, the bands were playing some great jams and on the field you could see all the players were so fired up. I mean you could feel the energy coming from the field, the opening kickoff felt and seemed to be just so much more special than any other time. It still looked different, with everyone wearing masks and everyone trying to stay apart, new rules in place and so much more. But it was football, and the atmosphere was just electric. Even when there was a lighting delay, everyone could sit there and say yep, Friday night lights in Alabama are back. Let me leave you with this, we all wanna be safe, wanna be cautious and we all want this virus to not spread anymore, that’s first and foremost. But having football back, that’s something we can all look forward to at the end of each week. That’s something that can make things normal again and that’s something we can all come together on. Lets keep staying safe, but lets push forward and all come together.

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