WhAt’S wRoNg WiTh AuBuRn BaSkEtBaLl?

WhAt’S wRoNg WiTh AuBuRn BaSkEtBaLl? That is what I was tasked with to write about last week but I had to wait to rewatch the no2. Baylor game to be able to definitively be able to give an inkling. I know Auburn Twitter will agree with me but the absence of the Vanilla Killa (Justin Powell) is what I believe is the missing piece. Powell has been in Concussion Protocol since the Texas A&M game on January 2nd. His ability to hit the 3 and widen the defense back out while also either cutting or adding to the lead. Auburn shot 6-25 from behind the arch against Baylor. If the 3 was a more viable threat that would have created more space for Sharife to drive to the basket rather than having the defense crash to the glass. Auburn was only down 5 at half which was a great accomplishment and it should have been either only 2 or 3 if Akingbola didn’t save the bouncing ball (I like the hustle out of trying to feed it back in) or if Flanigan hit his FTs at the end of the half but Baylor fans will say ball don’t lie since they changed the charge call. That would have put Auburn down 3. And hey who knows how that changes the game/ Baylors attitude. Some typical floaters that usually fall for Auburn didn’t go their way. With Baylor getting hot after that made the score difference a bit too much for Auburn to claw back from.

Auburn is still the youngest team in College ball and due to the NCAA and the great competence that they posses. Auburn has only had Sharife Cooper for 7 games. Which doesn’t give an already young team much time to build Chemistry and experience together. Which is what separates younger teams and seasoned vet teams in the world of college ball. Anyone with their ability to see in tact can see that an impact that Sharife has on this team. I believe that Auburn would have a much better record. But you can’t play the what if card. I personally believe the only thing wrong with Auburn Basketball is the health of Justin Powell so let’s hope he can get healthy soon from his concussion. Today was the first day that he had came around practice in awhile. Because the world needs to see this complete Auburn team play some games together.

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