Several MLS-2 teams vote not to return this season

All but two MLS-2 squads voted against returning to play for the 2020 season. The official vote ended 22-13 in favor of returning but amongst the 13 votes to not return, 7 of them were MLS-2 clubs. While no clubs have officially opted out of the season quite yet there is speculation that several teams are exploring the option of skipping this season and returning next season. This is more than likely a cost saving measure from MLS clubs in order to cut down salary costs. Another aspect is that other than New York Red Bulls 2 most MLS-2 teams aren’t overly competitive and focus more on raw development and getting MLS prospects some field time and with a likely shorter season many MLS-2 teams may look to loan their players out to other clubs or promote them to their senior clubs. No announcements have been made yet on whether any teams will officially opt out of the 2020 season but we should be able to expect that MLS-2 clubs will make some form of announcement by the final week of June.

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