MJ’s unforgettable time with the Barons

1994 was a year that Barons fans won’t forget, that’s because Michael Jordan played for the team that year. Yes that’s right MJ, the greatest basketball player ever, was at one time a Birmingham Baron. Reading stories about his time with them and hearing stories while working for the Barons last year, has been an epic experience in learning that he worked just as hard as he did when he played basketball, his work ethic never changed, and learning of stories about him pulling up and playing basketball with some of the players and staff at outside courts in Hoover. His time with the Barons was short and you may see his numbers and think he didn’t do much, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Most say that if he had some more at bats he would have made it to the majors. His swing got better and better and all around he improved. Not to mention what his time meant to this city, even today there is Jordan apparel at the stadium and that huge Jordan poster hanging there for all to remember. Watching the Last dance was a treat, being a huge Jordan fan, it was great to dive into that documentary. But the best thing was seeing when they showed and talked about his time in Birmingham, just how he wanted be treated like a normal baseball player and how well he got along with his teammates and managers. Seeing photos of MJ in that black and white uniform still make so many smile and remember that season. Some just sit and wonder what could have been if didn’t go back to basketball. We can only ask what if. But lets all be thankful we got that magical season in 94.

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