Fall weather, football, baseball and basketball.

It’s now officially fall season and the weather feels amazing here in Alabama. This fall is a little different than others, we have all major sports going on right now and it’s pretty amazing. Football is kicking in high gear with the SEC playing now and soon all major conferences will be back playing, then the NBA finals are going on right now and we might be seeing Lebron James win another title and his first with the Lakers and then baseball is heading into the playoffs. There is a lot to still be cautious about, but there is a lot to look forward too. Alabama in the fall is just a special time, with the football and the weather. Speaking with people around the Birmingham area a lot of people say they are so glad it’s kind of starting to feel somewhat normal. You can honestly just see the hope in their eyes and just the pure excitement they have for this time of year even in this crazy year of 2020. We all are tired of talking about covid, but we can’t pretend it’s still not there. There have been numerous games cancelled in college football already and the nfl just had some cancelled. So we still need to follow the rules, and stay safe, but it’s ok to enjoy this fall weather and all these sports. Also let’s have hope for next year as this year is winding down and let’s hope we see all our sports teams in this area back in action.

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