A Look Back at the Year of 2020

We are drawing near the end of this wild year that is 2020. We have crowned some champions in baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey. We are currently in football season and it’s getting close the end in the nfl and college football. There were games canceled and rescheduled but all in all it worked out. When sports shut down back when the lockdowns first happened, no one knew what was to come. Everything was up in the air and so unknown, like a lot of things in 2020. But if you had told everyone back in March that we would be here with football season winding down and have champions in all the other leagues, no one would probably have believed it. In the Birmingham area right now, you’ve got uab football and they are about to play in their third straight conference title game, uab basketball is 6-0 out of the gate, Samford basketball is doing well and the bulls are about to start their hockey season. So there has been lots to cheer about in the magic city, even though it’s been such an strange sports season for them all. With the new year approaching, there are a lot of people who think 2021 will be a strong sports year. We don’t know what is going to happen with covid next year, but even with that unknown, people are still very optimistic that it will be a great sports year.

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