Could a major pro team, work in Birmingham?

In the state of Alabama we have a bunch of great sports teams, most of them being college programs. Here in the city of Birmingham we have minor league baseball, a USL soccer team and a Southern professional hockey team. The question I always hear around town is could a major pro sports team work here in the city, rather that’s a MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA or MLS team, people are always wondering what if.

There a a ton of things to consider when thinking of this scenario, what would the support look like, would the city be excited for it and where would they play. We do have the BJCC and a brand new stadium being built right next to that, so maybe at one of those great facilities. Hearing the way people talk around the city, they all seem to think it would work and they would go support it. Birmingham in itself has grown so much over the years, and a major pro sports team would grow it even more.

Some cities in the states around us have had major success to their cities because of pro sports, like Atlanta and Nashville. Nashville now is a great hockey town and not just known for the Titans anymore, Atlanta has the MLB, NFL, NBA, WNBA and MLS and they all seemed to be doing well for the city. So that leaves the question, could that work in Birmingham? Now also something to think about, we have 2 very big college programs in this state with Alabama and Auburn. Would that affect someone wanting to bring a pro team to this state, with knowing how much people support the Tide and Tigers? There are a ton of questions and no one may know the full answers, but it seems everyone is excited to see what the future holds for all Birmingham sports.

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