Can Bama basketball ever get out of the shadow of Bama football

Alabama basketball is off to a great start in this 2020 season. They are 7-0 in the conference and have an overall record of 12-3. They are shooting lights out from behind the arc and last night blew out the LSU tigers. They are a fun must-watch team this year.

So it raises the question, can the basketball program ever be known like the football program. With Alabama football just winning another championship with probably the best college football team ever and with them having the best college football coach all time, it’s going to be pretty hard to achieve that. But the basketball program is in great shape with Coach Nate Oats running it. The recruiting is going well, they have some big time players coming into the program. Let’s see how they finish this season, they could very easily win the sec and be near a top seed in the tournament this year. In my opinion it may take a long time to get to where the football team is consistently. But they will make a mark in the college basketball landscape, not just this season but in many seasons to come. It just may be the start of the turning of the tide for the basketball program.

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