How to Fix College Football ~Rules n Playoff~

TLDR: fix targeting and expand the playoffs

There are two items of business that need to be changed as soon as humanly possible and I have no idea how they have gone this long without addressing either; the horrid way that Targeting is handled and how the playoffs are structured.

The Targeting rule needs to be changed yesterday. Make it like basketball where you have a flagrant 1 or flagrant 2. Flagrant 1 would be any hit that targeting is already called for that there’s no clear malicious intent to hurt the opposing player, no automatic ejection unless done again. Flagrant 2 would be any hit with malicious intent, with the automatic ejection. I’m sorry but they are playing football and in its nature is a violent sport with *gasp* contact and hard hitting. I understand that the whole point is to cut down on concussions and make it safer for the players longevity in life. But its football and most likely once per game there will be a hit where everybody ooo’s. Those are mainly just football plays though. If you don’t want to watch people hit each other. Start investing in watching flag football so folks can make a living playing flag football. Don’t turn my contact football into flag football. Because I promise you that everyone who has played the game and is playing knows the risk that are involved with playing. Because the automatic ejection is 1. Ruining everything that player in question has work for the entire year. Because a player only gets in a non-covid year 12 games maybe more or if the covid year and style continues maybe 10 games. Everyone gets to see the games but not everyone sees the grind of the offseason or understands the grind of the offseason. The two a days, the mat rooms, the work outs. Playing a collegiate sport at any level is a job. So to send a kid out for a game for a football hit is absolutely ludacris. Give them a 15 yard penalty and the player who committed the target a warning. If they do it again fine okay you can eject them at that point. 2. Its ruining entire games. One might say well one player can’t make that much of a difference. To that I’d say look at the difference between the two Clemson v Notre Dame games from the past year. In the first match up ( Just focus on Clemson’s MLB) they were missing James Skalski then in the second they weren’t and we all saw how round two went. Or take a look at the Cincinnati v Georgia game when the Left Tackle got called for his late hit out of bounds and then it was ruled targeting. Cincinnati lost that game because of the inability to keep Georgia’s D-line off the QB and would you care to guess where all the pentation was coming from? Hint it was the Left side. Keeping Cincinnati from being able to pull a UCF and claim a National Championship. Since clearly the current playoff system won’t allow a group of 5 the chance to dance.

Now to fix the College Football “Playoffs” it has to change to make the playoffs more interesting, and to make the bowl games matter again. The best way to do that is either adapt how every other division of football does it we can take our pick. D-III 32 teams starts November 23rd no team gets a bye and a committee ranks the teams in regions (four total regions) to play with a Championship game played December 20th; D-II 28 teams start November 23rd the first seeded team in each region (four total regions) gets a bye with seeds 2-4 playing a game during the bye week with the Championship game played December 21st; FCS 24 teams 8 ranked teams get a bye and face the winner of the 8 play in games that start November 30th with the Championship game played January 11th, and FBS 4 teams.

I’m lobbying for even more meaningful football and do a 16 team play off with 10 auto bids to ALL the conference champions with 6 bids to who every they think are the best remaining teams. Now what I’d do if the committee is only focused on rewarding the first 4 ranked teams put them straight into the quarter-finals. Those are the cream of the crop, the best teams, the teams that did everything right in the regular season and in the offseason they deserve a bit of time off. Because even football players enjoy watching other people play football. NOW for the first round you have 16 v 9, 15 v 10, 11 v 14, and 12 v 13. Leaving a bye week for 5-8 because those are usually your teams who have it pretty much all put together and have maybe had a slip up or two during the season but regardless good football teams. You have the lowest remaining seeds play the highest remaining seeds all the way up to the quarter-finals. You play all of the games in the various bowl games that are around currently. Making the bowl games matter again. Saving the semi-finals and finals games to be played in the fancier bowl games. It would create better quality games all around and give the chance of a Cinderella team making a run. Which both would lead to an increased viewership. Which leads to more money for all that are involved. Because we all know that’s really all the NCAA cares about. And hey who knows maybe finally Notre Dame could win a meaningful game.

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