4 Improvements Legion FC Fans Want to See Happen at Protective Stadium

The people have spoken. By way of Reddit and Twitter. And they have some suggestions. 

Here are the Top Areas of Improvement (according to Reddit and Twitter)

  1. Atmosphere 
  2. Concessions 
  3. Parking
  4. One guy on reddit said his seat was in the sun.  

Let’s start with the big one. The Atmosphere. Legion fans have some thoughts about the current set up at Protective Stadium. Redditor, u/ulethpsn commented “A bbva capacity crowd will look like nothing at protective.” Some have suggested tarps/banners to block off certain sets of seats. Redditor, u/dac0605 makes it sound as if tarps may already be planned by the Legion FC ownership. “I think our fears about the Protective atmosphere were validated today, and it will be interesting to see how it changes when the tarps are out and people are more concentrated in sections” he writes. 

Feedback from Twitter

@talprince “Those parking and concession prices hit a little harder over at Protective. That may impact crowd size a bit.” 

@adeck_03 “As a 4-time season ticket holder, everything about the new experience was subpar to what we had at UAB’s BBVA stadium. Parking, entry, concessions, sunburn seating.” 

@grumpyoldsarge “Protective is a nice venue, but we’ve lost some of our magic with the move. ZERO atmosphere and having any home-field advantage will be impossible with everyone so spread out.

Ways to Improve

That raises the question. Should certain seats be blocked off with Legion tarps to improve home field advantage? 

@ThomasRunyon9 on Twitter thinks so. “We have to improve the atmosphere. There was no Legion decor or signage except for the sculpture at the north gate. Sound system was way too low. Got to keep fans together. Need tarps to make more intimate. So much potential.”

It seems like people just want what is best for the Legion FC. The banners over some large sections of seats will lead to a better atmosphere. A better atmosphere benefits the players and the loyal Legion FC fans. It also would look better on TV. 

Other teams have done it. 

Concessions. Concessions are expected to improve for the next home game on March 13, 2021 according to reddit user u/rational_fears on Reddit. “Concessions were run by the stadium yesterday and will be run by Legion’s own contractor for regular season games. Hopefully things are less expensive then” he commented. $8 Coors Light Tallboy. Reddit user u/zsearce commented “I paid $10 for a Blue Moon”. 

What needs to be done?

  1. Legion Banners/Tarps/Covers in Seats to Improve Fan/Crowd Atmosphere
  2.  Improve Concessions (Might improve during regular season according to u/rational_fears on reddit)
  3. Let people know Parking options.

With that being said, invite friends to the game and get loud as we all cheer on Mikey Lopez and the gang. Hammer Down!

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