Happy belated Holidays and an early Happy New Year! May 2021 bring the UAB family as much success as this 2020 season did. To help with the reloading process here’s the early signees for the 2021 season.

Currently the UAB class is ranked 117th by 24/7 sports, with 12 commits; 10 letters of intent, 2 hard commits, with a single transfer player.

Starting with the signees from early signing day, on the defensive side of the ball in the secondary UAB has Tim Burns Jr. he is a 5’10″145lbs Corner Back ranked 67th in his position along with Antwan Massie 5″8″ 175lbs Corner Back ranked 187th in his position. Moving on into the Linebacker core UAB picked up Kybo Jamerson who is a 6’1″ 205lbs Outside Line Backer ranked 123rd in his position; and Charles Daniels who is a 6’2″ 205lbs Outside Line Backer ranked 141st in his position. Moving down to the into the trenches with one lone defensive lineman is Devin Manigault, he’s a 6’3″ 282lbs Defensive Tackle ranked 120th in his position. On the other side of the trench UAB picked up two Tackles, Keegan Vaughan who is 6’6″ 300lbs Offensive Tackle ranked 12th in his position. With the other being Brett Johnson, a 6’4″ 277lbs Offensive Tackle ranked 208th in his position. So far there’s only one Tight End, Brody Dalton 6’4″ 225lbs ranked 119th in his position. Perhaps the most exciting thus far, Dylan Mehrotra a 6’3″ 188lbs Dual Threat Quarter Back ranked 63rd in his position. To hit the third phase of the game we have, Xander Echols a 6’195lbs Long Snapper. The two hard commits UAB has right now are Boaz Saint-Vil 6’2″ 341lbs Defensive Tackle ranked 90th in his position. And Cort Bradley 6’4″ 285lbs Center ranked 26th in his position. The lone transfer UAB has currently is coming from LSU, Justin Thomas 6’5″ 255lbs Strong Side Defensive End.

This class is fortifying of both sides of the line. Which is the key to winning absolutely any football game. The defensive comments allude to continuing the dominant defenses that we have come accustomed to see during Clark’s tenure. The most intriguing commit to me is Mehrotra, since the Return UAB has had mainly Gun Slingers at QB. So to see how the offense would change with him at the helm once a starter. Personally my favorite, as a man from the trenches myself, I am stoked to see the impact that Vaughan will have in beefing up the O-line room. To be a fly on the wall in bullet drills between Vaughan and Thomas.

It will be exciting to see this class grow into the winning pedigree that Clark and his staff has created here at the University of alabama at BIRMINGHAM. BLAZE ON!

All stats pulled from 24/7 sports

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