Three Things We Know About New Birmingham Bulls Head Coach

On November 24, 2020, the Birmingham Bulls announced the promotion of Assistant Coach Craig Simchuk to Head Coach. After extensive research, the following is a definitive list of everything you need to know about Simchuk.

  1. He Looks Like Every Male Bachelor/Bachelorette Contestant Morphed into One
  • If you were to take Dylan from Hannah’s season, Juan Pablo from Desiree’s season and Colton from Colton’s season, you would get Bulls Head Coach Craig Simchuk. But unlike Dylan and Juan Pablo, this 5’11 bro isn’t worried about a first impression, his record speaks for itself.

2. He’s Good at Hockey

As a player, Simchuk tallied 29 goals in three seasons just 160 miles southeast of town with the Columbus Cottonmouths, taking them to the playoffs in their final year. After joining the Bulls in 2017 as a Captain, Simchuk had the second most assists on the team, tied with Left Winger Taylor Dickin. He also racked up two goals and five assists during the Bulls’ historic playoff run in 2018.

Taylor Dickin (left) pictured with Craig Simchuk (right) (photo: Birmingham Bulls)

3. He’s a Winner

Simchuk knows all about starting off hot. In his final two seasons, he led the Bulls on a record breaking win streak of 11 consecutive games at the start of the season. The Bulls would finish second that year to the team up North in the President’s Cup, wrapping up the most successful season in the Bulls’ SPHL era.

Let’s support Coach and the Boys in 4 days at the Pelham Civic Complex, December 26th at 7:00 PM CST.

Tickets can be purchased here (limited capacity)

9 thoughts on “Three Things We Know About New Birmingham Bulls Head Coach

  1. Love this article, very engaging and thought provoking. Looking forward to watching coach and the bulls succeed this season!

  2. Hiring Craig Simchuk for head coach was such a great decision! He wants to be here, and wants this team to be a success, and he will work hard to make it happen.

  3. Very thought provoking. I love how you dove into Simchuk’s history with the bulls both on and off the ice. A great hire indeed. Go bulls!

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