The time we didn’t have any sports

This year has been weird, not normal but different, strange, tragic, scary, unknown. I’m sure those are all things you all have heard about 2020, and they are true. It’s been a year unlike any other and for the sports world it’s been very different. For the first time in a very long time, we didn’t have any sports for awhile. It started with the shutdown of the NBA and NCAA basketball, then all other sports didn’t get started when they were supposed to. Some leagues are still fully shutdown, and we don’t get any minor league baseball this year. For Birmingham that means no Barons baseball and all the good things that come with a Barons season. This year is a year we will never forget and a year we will tell our kids and our grand-kids about. Things may truly never get back to the normal we all were used too, but we can all hope that it all gets better. Sports are a lot of things to each state that they are played in, but the most important thing is that it brings people together. It brings families together, it brings friends together and it even brings complete strangers together. The safety of everyone is the top priority, but a time without sports was such a weird time.

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