So You’re Telling Me There’s A Football Game?

The stage is finally set. The absolute buzz-saw of No. 1 Alabama vs No. 3 Ohio State. Despite the rumors of the Coronavirus running through Ohio State, (or as some Alabama fans call it getting Justin Fields healthy from the Skalski hit,) the game will not be postponed. It is slated for Monday January the 11th, 2021 on ESPN at 7 c/t. Currently at night the temperature is forecasted to be 64 degrees with a east-south east 4mph breeze and a 16% chance of rain. Thank you The Weather Channel. Currently the line sits at -8 Alabama with the over/under at 75, without a doubt subject to change based off of Fields’ health.

In the terms of the three headed monster of who make up the college football “playoff”, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State. None of them when ranked 1st has won while being ranked 1st. The only exclusion of 1st ranked winning would be last year with LSU. So did they break curse? Or will the tradition carry on of the trationals and the 1st ranked lose. It’s easy to get lost in all the shine and glamor that Alabama has; the first wide receiver to win the Heisman since Desmond Howard in 1991, winner DeVonta Smith, the other two should have been invited to the Heisman conversation, Najee Harris and Mac Jones. The Frank Broyles Award winner of Steve Sarkisian or NEW Texas coach. Don’t forget about Metchie III and they have Waddle practicing. With Waddle playing the buzz-saw is fully powered! Can the Ohio State Defense slow it down? They did a pretty decent job against Clemson. Made Trevor Lawrence sweat a few times. Can they make Bama into enough three-and-outs?

The other match up within the match up, Justin Fields and their running back duo of Trey Sermons and Master Teague III. Ohio State has a nice duo of receivers on the outside too of Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave. The biggest thing about Ohio State is who comes in contact with the virus and how is Fields’ ribs. Can they make it entertaining? We know people can score on Bama or well we’ve seen it on occasion. Ohio State isn’t a slouch and someone to scoff at. There’s a reason the Big 10 bent over backwards to cater to them. And so what they’re ranked 11th if you ask Dabo. But we all saw what Ohio State did to Clemson. They’re running the ball very 2014ish which we know how that went. So let’s strap in, eat our healthy game day snacks, only drink water and see how this game goes. (I’m trying to at least last a month with my new years resolutions)

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