Professional Athletes CJ Hayes and Mike Davis Owe the City of Huntsville an Apology

In just a short time, the Battle for Bama has skyrocketed to the top of the most intense sports rivalries in the Magic City up next to the Legion FC vs Memphis, Bill Clark vs the System, and the Barons vs. Montgomery Biscuits. But this past Friday night, Logan Nelson, Mike Davis and Florida man CJ Hayes stole what many people were starting to call Huntsville’s biggest win of the year, and maybe of franchise history on First Responders Night. But what Hayes, Nelson and Mike Davis managed to pull off in the dead of night was outright criminal.

The events that transpired this past Friday night just 16 miles south of Birmingham city limits are still under scrutiny. As all our ears were locked in on the Field Pass Sports Network listening to legendary Birmingham Bulls announcer Eli Gold, what everyone heard go down at the Pelham Civic Complex is now being given a second look.

Quickly, we must look at the facts. The Huntsville Havoc were up by a lot and frankly were treated very unfairly by the Bulls. Havoc Center, Matthew Barnaby, notched a quick goal as fans were filing into their socially distanced seats. That goal was followed up by another goal and then another shortly thereafter on a Power Play. Huntsville was winning, by a lot. Early in the second period, Huntsville went up 4-0 and were on their way to their biggest win of the year, and maybe of franchise history. The game was over. Tyler Piacentini scores and makes it 5-1 for the Havoc. That is when things started to happen that cannot be explained.  

In what seemed like the dead of night, the Birmingham Bulls dumped almost half a dozen goals in a row on the Havoc. Bulls Right Winger, CJ Hayes scored two goals followed by a goal from Cole Stallard making it 5-3. Then what happened next shocked the State and rocked one of the greatest rivalries. Before anyone could blink, Mike Davis and Logan Nelson scored back to back goals, giving the Bulls the momentum to complete the biggest comeback for the Birmingham Bulls in 2021. All on First Responders Night. Stolen? I’ll let you decide. 

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