Blazer basketball back in action

UAB got back on the court finally after covid took them off for a bit. They had a back-to-back with Southern miss at home and swept them. For the first time since the 09 season the team has started the season 9-1. Leading the way in the scoring department was Tyreek Scott-Grayson with 16 points in both games, Tavin Lovan had his career high in assists with 7, along with 10 points and Trey Jemison had 8 rebounds in each game. The UAB scoring defense is ranked 3rd with allowing teams only 57 points a game. The blazers took the lead early and never looked back in both games. Now UAB is the only undefeated team in the conference. This team is very exciting to watch and is making basketball in our state even more fun to watch. With Alabama having a good season and with Auburn’s recent success and now the blazers are putting themselves on the map with this great start. Next up for the blazers is another back-to-back as the team travels to Charlotte, starting on Friday at 4pm.

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