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Big news coming from jaguar drive today. ” we are disappointed to announce Bennett Meredith, David Moultry, Jack Baylor all will be transferring, Said a Spain park football team player”. Who is going to step up and take over QB1 for the jaguars? The Only other Qb is Evan Smallwood, He is a shorter Qb but has good vision and can scramble like Lamar. He has the arm according to personnel close to the team.

Why? Bennet Meredith did not have his best season last year so he is throwing a gamble going to hoover even though he could possibly be the second string. Bennet definitely might have pulled the trigger too soon on this one. Coach Raney had a great vision for him But Meredith did not see that obviously. The Spain park student body will probably not be happy with him leaving and going to the Jaguar’s main rival? Possibly another reason is not enough exposure. The Athletic Department has been criticized on this multiple times. What is the school doing wrong? Obviously transferring is easy to do when giants like hoover and Thompson swallow you whole every year. It’s been known that guys like Tua and his brother went to Thompson so some scouts see Thompson like a Quarterback factory when possibly Spain park is a defensive school.

Photo Courtesy: Hoover Sun

Coach Raney Has not brought it up to the team yet according to some of the players. In other words the team was not expecting the news. This is a hard hit for the team losing a starting Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and linebacker.

What happened this season? Selfishness seamed to grasp some of the players this year. This was evident when there was news released that a couple of the players said hateful things about other players. And those players were released due to the complication of the product Raney was trying to put on the field.

Spain Park football next year is going to look a whole lot different. Changes in the offensive personnel and defensive. With a starting receiver and quarterback connection that is going to be missing. Will the team be able to recover or will there be a massive exit of players. I am ho[ping that the jags are able to get back on track and are able to push new talent through Smallwood and even make some changes to both playbooks. A change of scenery and fresh plays could be the one thing the Jaguars need to take a State title home in football

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