Alabama Is Going To Win The Big Dance With A Splash of Next Years Tourney

Let’s just get out in front of this now. If Alabama can keep torching everyone from wayyy dahntown like they have been all year. I don’t see a team that can stop them. Of course the easiest answer to say is WhAt AbOut ThE oThEr OnE sEeDs? The tourney still has the Vegas Favorite who hasn’t lost a game, Gonzaga. The lethal force of Baylor and the always dangerous even though they lost 3 out of 5 games leading into the tourney of Michigan. But Bama has just been too hot lately I don’t think any of the teams in the field can keep up. Bama has shot 43% from 3 three this tourney so far and has gotten better each game. 31.3% in the First 64 against Iona and 48.5% against Maryland. Hypothetically let’s say none of the teams I have already mentioned win even though its a lock for Bama. I believe the key match ups for the sweet 16 round is the Oral Roberts v Arkansas game and the Loyola Chicago v Oregon State game. Basketball I believe over every other sport is all about who is hitting their stride at the right time. Oral Roberts is on a 7 game winning streak with the D-1 leading scorer who just keep finding ways to win through all the adversity. The other team on a decent winning steak is Oregon State is on a 5 game. Two teams that had to go on very impressive runs to even make the Tournament. If you peak over at Loyola Chicago. Every March Madness Fan should know their story about the impressive Cinderella run they went on in 2018 as an 11 seed to make it to the final four. Loyola Chicago is on an 8 game winning steak and is the 9th ranked team according to KenPom.

Now with all that being said I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a Gonzaga v USC match up in the Elite 8 along with, Florida State v Alabama. Baylor v you pick I’d love to see how far Oral can go but Arkansas is on a tear. Loyola Chicago v Syracuse. Let me know who you think is going to win over the next few days and by Sunday we will see how wrong I am.

Now for the other Alabama Teams that didn’t make the Tourney this year. I wouldn’t be shocked to see three teams from Alabama in the Tourney next year. Alabama will surely reload with Nate Oats at the helm and this run that they are going on. Auburn is coming off of their self imposed ban. Already lining up some solid transfers from the portal. With Zep Jasper transferring from the College of Charleston with an Arms race against Arkansas for the Former Mizzou G Xavier Pinson. Auburn already has signed Mr. Georgia Basketball of Jabari Smith to either star along side Sharife Cooper or replace him. With the final team making it from Alabama as UAB. UAB this year beat North Texas twice who went on to upset Purdue in the tourney this year. With them being so close to the dance this year. UAB has already picked up two transfers from SEC schools. One being Jamal Johnson from Auburn and the other of KJ Buffen from Ole Miss. These additions will go well with Coach Kennedy who finished 22-7 in his first year at UAB.

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